Independently designed & taught
Durham University, UK

Primate Communication, 3rd year module

Institute for Tropical Ecology & Conservation, Panama

Primate Ecology & Behavior, Field course

Lab instructor & teaching assistant
Arizona State University, USA

Introduction to Physical Anthropology, 4 introductory lab sections

Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation field station, Bocas del Toro, Panama, Primate Ecology and Behavior, Sharon Kessler, primate, anthropology, biology, primatology, Isla Colon, module, couse, teaching
Institute for Tropical Ecology and Conservation, Sharon Kessle, Isla Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama, Primate Ecology and Behavior, primate, monkey, anthropology, primatolog, biology, teaching, course, module, lecture, research project

Institute for Tropical Ecology & Conservation Field Station

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Teaching Philosophy

Students are the future of conservation and our global society. I integrate research into my teaching to achieve three interwoven goals:

  1. Provide my students with a solid knowledge base

  2. Empower them to identify and pursue the questions that excite them

  3. Challenge them to develop transferable skills which will be valuable in the job market.


I structure my courses to provide personalized learning and increasing academic freedom over time. In doing so, I encourage my students to take a leadership role in their own learning.